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Voice changer software - download

AV Voice Changer Software is designed to let you alter your voice - to make it funny or at least unrecognizable.

Voice Changer Software can alter your voice live, as you speak into a microphone, and also alter recordings and audio streams. The demo is very limited in what you can do, but gives you a good idea of how it can morph your voice.

The fastest way to change your voice is to plug in your microphone and click 'nickvoices', which gives you a range of presets. For example, if you're male, you can choose things like Baby, Prudent Girl, Schoolmistress or Old Woman. It has to be said that to our ears most of these sound fairly similar, and unrealistic. You can alter the pitch, tone and frequency of your voice manually in the full version of AV Voice Changer Software.

Nevertheless, the results are quite amusing even if they won't convince someone you are not who you say you are (probably a good thing). The AV Voice Changer Software interface is a bit awkward, and the demo is severely hampered by a nag message reminding you to buy the full version every single time you click on a button not active in the demo. This makes using the demo quite annoying, but with some patience, AV Voice Changer Software can be quite fun.

If you want to add effects to, or disguise your voice, AV Voice Changer Software is a simple app that does just that.

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